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Tuition/Payment Info

Our tuition is designed to be one of the most competitive among ABA-Law Schools. Current tuition is $1350/credit hour. The MS is a 30-credit program, bringing the total cost to $40,500. Partial scholarships are available, driving the cost down significantly. Federal financial aid is available (see below).

All of our professors make their best attempt at keeping the cost of books low. You can expect to pay an average of between $50-$100/course on books.

There are several options to help pay for the costs of the program.

Pay in full/Employer Reimbursement/Payment Plans

Contact for instructions on making payment by check or credit card, or for information on employer reimbursement and payment plan options.

Student Loans

See below for information. For general questions regarding the process, contact

Federal Student Loans

Federal Stafford Loan Program

  • Annual maximum is $20,500.
  • Aggregate maximum is $138,500, including undergraduate debt.
  • Interest rate for 2019-20 is fixed at 6.08%. New rates are set each academic year.
  • Six-month grace period.
  • Interest may be paid quarterly or capitalized (added to the principal).
  • Currently has an origination fee of 1.062% (subject to change in the future).

Federal Grad PLUS Loan Program

  • Maximum eligibility is equal to the Cost of Attendance less other aid.
  • Approval is based on satisfactory credit review.
  • Interest rate for 2019-2020 is fixed at 7.08%. New rates are set each academic year.
  • Currently has an origination fee of 4.236% (subject to change in the future).

Private Loans

For students studying less than half-time or who would prefer a private loan over federal loans, there are many lenders offering private education loans.  You are free to choose whichever lender you wish.  We have a small lender list, built on prior student selections at

*Please note, private loans can not be taken in addition to federal loans if you have already maxed out your aid.  Private loans also have to fit within the cost of attendance.