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Online LLM in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Albany Law School’s online Master of Science in Legal Studies (MSLS) with a Cybersecurity and Data Privacy concentration is designed to provide Cybersecurity professionals with expertise on policy and the ability to adapt and advance in this rapidly evolving field. We offer a rigorous curriculum taught by faculty who are thought leaders in the fields of information security, data privacy, cybercrime, and intellectual property law. Graduates of the program are well-equipped to unlock their earning potential in the expanding, lucrative field of cybersecurity.

The Master's in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy can be finished in as little as one year, and the fully-online curriculum provides the utmost flexibility for our busy students. The program was recently ranked “Most Flexible” on the list of Best Online Master's in Legal Studies Programs by

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Curriculum

Our curriculum yields a deep-dive into the complexities of technological threats, with an emphasis on policy. Classes include:

Cybersecurity Frameworks

This capstone course explores the challenges surrounding critical infrastructure sector security and describes how implementing a security program based on the different cybersecurity frameworks can help organizations alleviate these issues. Students generate real-world cybersecurity documents including a risk assessment, risk management strategy, needs analysis, GAP analysis, and risk treatment plan by the conclusion of the course.

Global Privacy Law

This course examines global data protection and privacy issues with a strong focus on the balance between an individual’s control of their personal information and the right of others to collect and use an individual’s personal information. Students gain an understanding of the cultural, social, economic and political factors that influence data privacy and data protection laws around the world; (United States data privacy law will be addressed only to compare it to approaches used outside of the U.S.)

Cyber War, Intelligence, & National Security

This class hones in on U.S. and international law governing offensive and defensive cyber effect operations, including those that constitute espionage, sabotage, and subversion, as well as those that could lead to physical destruction of property or death. The coursework addresses the role of various military and intelligence apparatuses in conducting cyber operations in opposing nations. In addition, this class will examine the interaction between the laws and the practices and policies of the United States Intelligence Community and national security system, both foreign and domestic.

Visit the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Curriculum page for more details on coursework.

Earn your Master’s degree in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Online Through Albany Law School

Albany Law’s online MSLS with a concentration in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy can lead graduates to attain director-level positions with the knowledge gained on cybersecurity policy. The biggest perk? It can be finished in as little as one year. Questions about the program? Contact the Graduate Admissions Office at Or, apply now!